Has aligned purpose, personality and practices. Some of the most successful brands on earth have welcomed these roles and are thriving. Patagonia is self-aware that it exists to protect the planet. Tesla stands for acceleration, both literally and figuratively. Airbnb is aware that it exists to help people feel at home, even in new places. Nike knows its role in culture is empowerment. These are brands that have awakened to their role in culture and aligned that purpose with their personalities and practices.

Purpose Your purpose is the fundamental

Essence of why your business exists. It’s not what you do  SaaS platform for day traders) or how you do it powered by AI with a cross-eyed, foul-mouthed gorilla as our mascot). It’s the why behind all of it. Strip away the accouterments. Why does the world need your brand? I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s concept of a “minimum viable audience.” Entrepreneurs are often too starry-eyed  and delusional Philippines WhatsApp Number Data to think their product is for anyone and everyone. They cast too broad a net and, as a result, go home empty-handed all things to all people and nothing to no one. What if instead, you went as small as viably possible.

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 Your pets deserve to eat real food

Because your home deserves to feel like a safe haven. You can replace “deserve” with “should, could, will, can, etc.” Because you should feel good in your body. Therefore, Because our generation could reverse climate change. Because awakened brands. Therefore, can change culture for the better. This is the most important aspect of your brand and shouldn’t be rush. Riff endlessly on IT Numbers this until you feel it. Therefore, as distilled as possible. You’ll know you’re  not when there’s nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing less to subtract. We’re looking for the essence, not flowery words. When you’re done, it should feel embarrassingly simple.

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