Companies already It was Sundar Pichai who is today the CEO of Google who announc this on Google’s blog in a post where he wrote that they plan to give away + million dollars in total in support where $ million of the + million will go directly to small businesses that advertise already through Google Ads. The reason why Google chooses to help small and mium-siz companies is because of the outbreak of the Corona virus when many  very big challenges or will have a hard time. During a period like this, many businesses are at risk of ruc revenue and even closure even as they find ways to support employees. Who is eligible for this $ million will be available to all SMBs (small and mium-siz businesses) that have had active accounts in the past year.

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That is, companies that have actively advertis since the beginning of . When will Google Ads crits arrive Google ads crits will be available in the coming months. Notification of the crits will appear in the company’s Google Ads account. How long will the Google ads crits be valid The crits can be us at any time throughout on Google advertising platforms. Where Bolivia Mobile Number List will you be able to use the crits? On all Google  YouTube, Search, Display as well as all campaign types. All our customers whom we help with advertising through Google Ads will not have to think about informing us about this.

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We are keeping an eye on all customer accounts that we actively collaborate with right now and help in advertising and will notify you in case you become eligible to use this as well. If your company nes help in search engine marketing or other types of digital marketing, you are more than welcome to contact us for more information on how we at Foomle design can help you.Successful  to drive qualifi website traffic Written by Sophi Anderberg | Publish Last updat Successful Estonia Telegram Number business strategies to drive qualifi website traffic Driving traffic to your website is one thing, driving in qualifi traffic is quite another. For businesses today, it is important to have good business strategies to successfully drive qualifi traffic to the website.

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