Contains performance The digital agency is in central Stockholm Our office is at, just a few minutes from . If you come to Stockholm, we are only one station from the central station Do you want to book a meeting to talk more about how we can help your company? Click here to contact us through our contact form or call us on the beginning of week , a new update for their plugin, . . The new update has been under development since April this year and different developers work on it. What’s new in the new . update? The new update mainly  but also a couple of changes. . is a minor update, the team behind the new update has done several different tests before releasing it to everyone.

Various staging websites

Tests have been made with, among other things, popular & WordPress add-ons, various themes and the new version has also been test on to finally test on . This means that updating your should go smoothly. As always, we at design digital agency recommend that if you are going to update yourself, you should test the update on a test server and have a backup of the Live Cyprus Mobile Number List version. New minimum requirements for PHP and WordPress to optimize store performance and security Like the new minimum requirements that WordPress in April this year, has now also chosen to raise its minimum requirements.

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Minimum requirements apply

The new  to both the PHP version and the WordPress version as well. In order to update your , you must update WordPress to v . (or higher) and PHP to . (or higher). New Product blocks . comes with Product Blocks . which comes with a number of Kenya Telegram Number improvements. Some of the changes that come with the new update are: New block Product category list New block Products by tags New block Featur category . is here with improvements for your webshop There are some other changes coming with . , click here to read on the developer blog Improv performance.

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