Exchanges act Prepare the packing of goods as much as possible, in order to streamline the delivery when the time comes. Being able to just put a label on top and send the package off will make the process much easier for you during this hectic time. Look at solutions to be able to offer same-day delivery if that might be relevant for you or your customers. In Swen, Budbee and Airmee are the current leaders. Strengthen customer service With increas traffic and increas conversions, a natural consequence is also increas contact with your customer service. There are a number of things that can be done to ease the pressure on customer service during the peak season where the common denominator is preparation.

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In order to give your new visitors the best possible impression, it is important that all contact and company information is correct and up-to-date on your website. Include easily accessible information about delivery and returns, as well as answers to your most common questions. If you estimate that the pressure will increase a lot, it may Estonia Mobile Number List be a good idea to extend your opening hours or expand your workforce. Create good offers Put the greatest focus on your most popular products. Avoid making any major efforts to promote products that usually do not sell very well. Black Friday is a hugely important buying opportunity and it is important to prioritize correctly in the creation of your offers. Select some of your best-selling products and ruce the prices significantly.

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Promoting this is definitely a good reason for your customers to visit your online store during Black Friday. Be sure to lower prices (more or less) in line with the market and the industry. Your offers should be competitive and rewarding while being Mexico Whatsapp Number reasonable for you. Have clear price markings and discounts on the products. Make it easy for your customers to understand what they will pay by highlighting the final price after discounts. If it suits you, you can create different sets of gifts, where you combine some of your best-selling products. This can be a good way to increase order value, while also giving consumers the opportunity to start shopping for Christmas presents for lov ones.

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