These working mothers – flexible hours, work redundancies  etc – to normalize and allow partners to be more equal at home. If they have the same flexibility, there should be a correlation in the undertaking of responsibilities – lending well to supporting a more equal future. In my household, my husband taking a fair share of the household load has been instrumental in making Zen.Toes a success. Entrepreneurs should approach creating work policies, arrangements, benefits and team-building initiatives holistically, paying particular attention to the diverse needs of all employees, especially moms.

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Ultimately, moms are an incredibly valuable part of any business team, bringing vision and a uniquely thoughtful perspective to their work each day. Allowing for balance, honesty and communication is critical. Your company Iraq WhatsApp Number Data and all your employees will be better off with it. Sarah Parks ENTREPRENEUR LEADERSHIP . Therefore, NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR Founder and CEO of Zen.Toes Sarah Parks is the founder and CEO of ZenToes. Therefore, a podiatrist-recommended foot care brand offering fun and functional products for effective, fast and holistic relief for common foot and ankle conditions. Want to be an Entrepreneur Leadership Network contributor? Apply now to join.

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Were ‘Kind of Fringe Weirdos. Therefore, When They Started an Uncommon Business in Their Garage. Now They’re in Major Retailers — and Victoria Beckham Is a Fan. A Leadership Shortage Is Coming. Here’s What Needs to Happen to Prevent It. The Author of ‘Million Dollar Weekend’ Says. This Is the Only Difference Between You and the Many. Very. Therefore, Dumb People’ Making a Lot of Money. What the NLRB Appeal of the Expanded Joint Employer Rule Judgment Means IT Numbers for Your Business 12  By The Sweet Side Hustle She Start. See all LEADERSHIP 7 Tips for Empowering Mothers in the Workplace Moms make up an important and large segment of the workforce, yet too often have been overlook.

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