As an entrepreneur  you’re responsible for making sure that fundraising doesn’t outstrip results. If you go to series B and C and you’re not keeping track of product development, eventually that omission comes to a head. For example, a 2022 study led by researchers at investment firm Rock Health and Johns Hopkins University found that 44% of digital health startups had no clinical trials or regulatory filings to stand on. You should also help technical experts understand financial measures of success like revenue and customer win rate. Sometimes an engineer or scientist might feel like the businessperson is pushing the timeline too fast.

Listen to those concerns if you disagree

Explain how your approach contributes to your organization’s goals.  and technical experts are on the same page. That isn’t always easy. Making these relationships work is an art. By setting expectations up front, communicating Denmark Phone Number Data clearly and working toward shared measures of success, your partnership will reap rewards both for you and your business. Wiljeana Glover ENTREPRENEUR LEADERSHIP NETWORK® CONTRIBUTOR Associate Professor of Operations and Innovation Management Wiljeana Glover is the Stephen C. and Carmella R. Kletjian Foundation Distinguished Professor of Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship and the founding faculty director of the Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Babson College.

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Network contributor? Apply now to join. EDITOR’S PICK This Mother and Daughter Were ‘Kind of Fringe Weirdos’ When They Started an Uncommon Business in Their Garage.  Is Coming. Here’s What Needs to Happen to Prevent It. The Author of ‘Million Dollar Weekend’ Says This Is the Only Difference Between You and the Many ‘Very, Very Dumb People’ Making a Lot of Money What the NLRB Appeal of the Expanded Joint Employer Rule Judgment Means for. Environmentally-conscious laws are picking IT Numbers up steam across the country. When one went into effect  he saw a lucrative business opportunity. Chances are, a similar law is coming to your state, or is already there.

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