Pursue direct Is it only on social mia or also on the open internet? Which networks and publishers?) Are the ads in line with your ideal audience? (Is this type of display banner something that could have effectively driven the right type of visitors to the website?) Is the reach limit according to our objectives? Had we newant to be seen somewhere outside the possible reach? (If the goal is to reach a very specific type of user, one possibility might be to sites) The graphic aspect What does the end result of the ads look like? (Is this something that represents the brand in a favorable way, assuming that the brand is already unknown to users.

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Is the graphic aspect of the ads in line with how you want to represent the company? Are the ads in line with the audience you ideally want to attract? Which platform How much data does the platform have to optimize against? ( reliable is the technology behind the platform in both reach, data analysis and performance possibilities? How does the platform bid on users?  is your money spent during the campaign?) What priority does the platform have in the Colombia Mobile Number List publisher waterfall? (In what order does the platform get the opportunity to bid on users ?) What does the platform’s cost look like for CPI (cost per impression) or CPM (cost per mille. What objectives is the  Because ROI, return on investment, and ROAS.

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Driving campaigns without

Return on ad spend are not measurable in traffic- a clear conversion focus, it’s important to make sure to measure according to the same attribution models, to ensure you’re optimizing towards the same goals.) Promote by email The first step to successful marketing via e-mail is definitely to ensure that the audience, i.e. the reach of the e-mail will be large Iran Telegram Number enough, favorable and relevant. Therefore, build an email list before you focus on creating valuable content in newsletters. Since all data is good data, it is important to make use of all data possible about previous visitors and customers. This is a source of traffic to build up organically and which, to say the least, is valuable to focus on.

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