Traffic to the website Will this update affect our company website? Unfortunately we cannot answer this yet as the update has not been fully releas yet. If your company is in the group that is affect, you will be able to see in the coming. Weeks whether traffic & placement in search engine results have been affect. What should we do if we find that our traffic and position. In search results has been affect by the Google Core Update? You can start by looking in Google’s own blog posts about the. Core update and which questions you should answer. If you do not find any problems relat to those questions or do not have enough knowlge, we¬† as. Foomle design to get professional help in SEO. Why WordPress website maintenance and support is so important. Around a third of all websites are creat in WordPress, making it the world’s most us CMS.

Constantly fixing security issues

WordPress is a platform with an open source code, which allows developers to improve features through various plugins and themes. With a website in WordPress comes the use of many different plugins and themes from third parties. These plugins are built to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. This means that unless they are also updat regularly, they may no Bahamas Mobile Number List longer be compatible with the latest version, which can have devastating consequences. WordPress is never finish and is constantly being improv and develop. In WordPress, even plugins are constantly changing. Developers are , fixing bugs for better functionality and gradually making general updates.

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 Benefits s as new features

Neglecting updates and maintenance of the WordPress site not only poses a risk of the site being hack, but also greatuch and improv features, such as faster performance and load time. Visually and functionally Operational disruptions once or twice could, from the perspective of the end customer, be dismiss as exceptional cases, but when it becomes a pattern that USA Whatsapp Number repeats itself, it reflects destructively on the company and the brand. In cases where plugins are not updat, it can for example have huge consequences on the website, as customers often ne to feel confident in where they choose to convert. The customer expects a website to work well and be easy to navigate when browsing from their laptop, as well as on their tablet and mobile.

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