Several differences There are but the main difference is that IMAP syncs with the email server as soon as you make changes. So e.g. if you create a new folder, new draft or change something, this will be visible in the webmail inbox and in the other mail clients that are connect to the same e-mail address. The same applies if you read an email from your email client and it is mark as read, it will be mark as read on other email clients and in your webmail. If you have instead chosen the POP protocol, this will not be sync to the e-mail server. What does this mean in such cases? What you create, send, receive to the device (mobile, tablet or computer) where the mail client is set to POP will only stay there.

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If you later access your webmail or synchronize mail to another device, you will not be able to find these mails and folders because they were never sync to the e-mail server. Why should I not use POP protocol? We just don’t like to take wrong with the customer’s device. If the customer loses their mobile phone or computer where they have select Dominican Republic Mobile Number List POP on their mail client, the customer loses all mail download to the mail client. The same applies if they suddenly have to access certain emails from another device or write an email from their mobile phone on the way to work but want to continue writing from the computer when they get to the office.

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You use IMAP, this should synchronize automatically without problems and you can continue from other devices where you paus. Do you ne help with company e-mail? We at Foomle design digital agency can help you with e-mail problems and much more in digital such as strategy, web, design, development, marketing & mia. Examples of email problems we can help you with Configure all devices correctly for all employees so that the e-mail arrives on the work Nigeria Telegram Number computer tablet mobile phone Move all emails from the old web host to the new one. Get in touch with us before you  of a company domain.

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