The effects of a successful strategy for driving in new, i traffic mean that in addition to the number of unique visitors, the conversion rate and total revenue will also be positively affect. In this article, you will, among other things, be able to read about how qualifying traffic can look like and different methods for driving new,  traffic. What does i traffic mean?  can vary greatly from company to company, but one description is correct in basically all sectors. Qualifi traffic are the visitors who are most likely to increase your ROI (return on investment) in digital marketing.

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Because the qualification of traffic is so variable, an important step in the marketing strategy is to first identify what qualifi traffic means to you, as well as the most effective way to measure it. It is recommend to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List continuously put some of the focus on driving in new traffic to the website, also with regard to facilitating other parts of the digital marketing strategy. Measure qualifi traffic Before introducing large, attractive calls to action on all corners and ges of the website, it is important to define exactly how you actually measure that a user is . While creating your individual definition of users, you are up representations of your ideal customer.

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Something that will be able to contribute to enormous amounts of clarity in other parts of your strategy. Before you can fully understand the best way to measure data, it is important to know how to qualify traffic. On a website whose call to action is to generate leads (for example by filling in forms) it is possible to see how many visitors convert into leads. On a website with high conversion potential, but with a low conversion rate, it indicates that the traffic being France Telegram Number driven to the page is not currently . The same principle is applicable to an eCommerce website, where the ratio between the number of unique visitors and the conversion rate tells a whole story in itself.

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