This means that perfumes applied to dry skin may not stay as strong throughout the day compared to when applied to oily skin. When picking a perfume for dry skin, it’s helpful to choose scents that last longer to balance out the fact that they might evaporate quickly. Perfumes with rich, creamy bases or intense concentrations, such as eau de parfum or parfum, help maintain the scent’s presence on dry skin for a longer duration. Additionally, moisturizing the skin before applying perfume can help lock in the fragrance and enhance its longevity on dry skin. Normal skin – For normal skin, the impact on perfume is generally balanced.

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Well and project nicely on normal skin. When choosing a perfume for normal skin, you haveĀ  without worrying too much about how they might behave on your skin type. You can experiment with India Email List different fragrances and find ones that you personally enjoy without needing to focus too heavily on specific characteristics like longevity or projection. So the next time you look for perfumes that match your skin type, you should definitely try out Bergamot Beaute’s amazing range for perfumes for men and perfumes for women. What makes them different from others is the fact that they have introduced pure perfumes for the first time in India. Their pure parfums last for up to 12 hours due to their higher fragrance oil concentration.

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Importing their fragrance oils from France to create exceptional perfumes for the Indian audience. With a wide variety of perfumes for men and women, Bergamot Beaute ensures that you find fragrances that suit your IT Numbers personality and provide long-lasting fragrance throughout the day. 2. PH level of skin Every person’s skin has its own unique balance of oils and acids, which together determine its pH level. This pH level can influence how fragrance molecules interact with the skin. When you spray perfume on your skin, these molecules mix with the natural oils and acids present on its surface.

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