This identify  Some of these are the size of the website in number of pages, whether it is an e-commerce business and whether the company wishes to keep the content of the website updat frequently and regularly. Foomle Design are very flexible and happy to tailor solutions to each company’s individual nes and we also have premium add-ons available, click here to view premium add-ons . the company nes maintenance and support packages Some businesses have a lot of traffic coming in, but don’t have the ability to monitor the website as often as they would like or really ne to. If for some reason the website were to be down after the web host updat the server, if WordPress or any plugin was automatically updat, or if you were hack, the consequences could be huge losses.

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If you are then left without support or the help of a digital agency that directly helps to get the website up and solve the problems, then even more time has to pass before the website gets back on its feet. For e-retailers, these types of challenges can mean measurable ructions in income and profitability, but even without a webshop, the consequences of miss Belize Mobile Number List maintenance are not directly desir. It has happen several times that companies have contact us to bring up a website that was down for weeks before they identifi the . Regardless of the size of the company, the cribility of the entire existing customer base is at risk.

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While the conditions for increasing growth with new customers are lower to the bottom without a professional online presence. Consumers don’t tend to wait patiently for a while, refreshing the page over and over again until the site works – they tend to instead turn to the competitor’s site that actually works. The difficult, but inevitably important question China Telegram Number then becomes: How many customers tri to access the site during that time? How many miss conversions did this miss contribute to? There is a particularly important question to have as a focal point  to get external help with maintenance, updates and support.

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