Twitter with no more secrets: in this article we analyze the way in which the well-known social platform works in assigning value to your contents in terms of algorithm. We will thus understand how the Twitter algorithm works and how to act in terms of an editorial plan to maximize your visibility .Twitter made an important part of its algorithms Open Source and therefore known to the public, on the evening of March 31, 2023, following a pre-announced decision by Elon Musk .

IT experts from all over the world

Studied the code and in a few hours important details emerged on how to increase one’s performance on the well-known social media. In addition to the  Buy TG Number Data community of developers who analyzed everything, we especially thank Aakash Gupta who, through his profile, collected the essential information – which we will report in this article – to ensure we fully understand.It may seem trivial that likes on one’s Tweets increase their diffusion capacity but the relationship between likes, retweets and comments that our Tweets receive is not trivial at all.

How the Twitter algorithm works.

To thank him, we also put a link to his newsletter About him. As professionals (in general on the web, considering that software architects and developers often alternate IT Numbers between companies they belong to) we consider this information valuable and we will retrace it in full in this article in which we will finally discover the science behind maximization of performances on Twitter. Premise: value first of all From the analysis of the Twitter code, something emerges first of all that experts had long deduced empirically. Content must be created in such a way as to build a “vertical” audience interested in it. In fact, we will see in the detailed analysis carried out by Aakash Gupta how, in addition to likes, the coherence and relevance of one’s editorial plan with respect to the target audience are very Importan.

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