EAT score to sites. Don’t lose sleep thinking of ways to improve that score. EAT is not a direct ranking factor. Google has at least ranking factors, including page speed, keyword usage in title tags, and more. EAT has an indirect impact on your PageRank as content must conform to EAT standards. That way, it becomes a ranking factor. EAT stands for “Experience, Authority and Credibility”. “Expertise” – You must be an expert in your field. The Google algorithm means that you must show the ability of the main content creator MC and mention it in your content.


Experience is less common for humor or gossip websites

The but important for medical, financial Whatsapp Number List or legal websites. The good news is that any site can show expertise if the content is honest and useful to users. “Authority” You need to show the MC that you are an authority or creator. This can be gained from the experience of your writers or yourself. If your page is a community or discussion forum, the quality of the conversation drives authority. Credentials are required, but so are personal experiences such as reviews. “Trust” users need to show that they can trust the creator or company of the main content, the MC itself and the website.

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Trust is important for ecommerce websites that

The ask users for their credit card information. Users IT Numbers should feel safe while visiting everything on your site. As a starting point, you should immediately implement an SSL certificate on your site as at least of first page results use SSL this is one of the many Google scoring signals. You must eat to live. and the content of your website. A different kind of “food”, but the concept is the same. That’s right, we’re talking about EAT. We first saw this acronym in when Google’s search quality guidelines were leaked. But with the official launch of Google, we know how important EAT is.

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